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Scientists develop Spray-on Solar Cells

Solar graffitis in your hood. From University of Sheffield:

A team of scientists at the University of Sheffield is the first to fabricate perovskite solar cells using a spray-painting process – a discovery that could help cut the cost of solar electricity.

Experts from the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering have previously used the spray-painting method to produce solar cells using organic semiconductors - but using perovskite is a major step forward.

Efficient organometal halide perovskite based photovoltaics were first demonstrated in 2012. They are now a very promising new material for solar cells as they combine high efficiency with low materials costs.

The spray-painting process wastes very little of the perovskite material and can be scaled to high volume manufacturing – similar to applying paint to cars and graphic printing.

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Liquor Bottle Labels Photoshopped to Tell the Hilarious Truth

If your favorite liquor bottle was this honest on the label, would you change your approach to a cocktail? This hilarious collection of digital creations from TotalSororityMove.com features phrases created in the style and design of the original liquor bottle labels, but with messages of the brutally honest truth about what you are in for if you drink too much!

dumb trio’s tree of life


mango margarita boozesicles.

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